The Fire Poem

Power of genes...

Those we inherited from our starving ancestors

And stored them in our bones

For when the fierceness in your Peridot eyes meet the smoldering desires in mine

I, from the world of pumping fists and communal bonding

Am lying in the grave of my dead desires

Waiting for a revolution


You came

Saut dans le vide

Five fingers of fire

My chest cracked open and

Bells rang

You surrounded my kingdom with songs, torches and déjà vu

I am Aura! I have crossed oceans in search for the King of standing oppositions! The God of cynic melodies and bitter poetry

I launch the army of mine

To erase the golden dust that is covering your perfect posture, with my lips

You key my Johnny cash/June carter fantasies

Patterns start squirting out of my fingers

I devour muse again

But [Bjork - I’m gonna keep it to myself This time] -

The twirl of passing moments ...

The heavy air of early morning rain I have known for a thousand years Forms ivy covered Achaemenid pillars in my lungs


I am the admiral of those faces carved in the stone!

Without my armour

Without my muscles

I am all just the bones of my starving ancestors

I stand there bare

Lean into your arms

And I feel the spears in your back

Way too deep in your spine

I want to turn you around and pull them out

And hear you cry!

And then cradle you like a bear cradles her cubs!

But I am a hunter... hypnotized by the spiral of your sensations

I want to lick your wounds like a lioness does!

But I am only a lonely knight loyal to the kings that are all gone

I lean into your arms

You’re lean enough for my arms to reach all the way back to the spears

That are way too deep in to your spine

And I ache with you

As the devil whispers his separation song

As I bow to the cruel universe

To ... the permanent marks it has left on the chambers of your heart Then

I cry for days, and nights

And I picture you on my way

In here



On and off of stages

Over and over again

You were the resistance song

The silent revolution

My bones were starving for

Reincarnated my


For fire



I cry just to wash away the collection of the past and make your image reflect the fire within, burning us both down


I cry

But my tears, my tears just inflame that fire

I picture you on my way And

I yet have to discover

where in my bones I stored your power