Zibi is Colonialism

Since last year, I decided to speak out more fearlessly about my politics. I do not deny, writing about political economy, reading academic art literature and those of non-English authors in written English has helped immensely with this.

This piece "Zibi Is Colonialism" was inspired by a protest against the Zibi project in Ottawa in August 2015 . I have mentioned several times that I understand the underlying dynamic in this conflict - the subtle conflict of land claims and land rights in Ottawa - is much more complex than what I know. Even on the day of protest there was so much back and forth. I chose to however, cover the powerful part. The bonding, or the yearn for it.

After one of my older drawings was employed for 2016 call for submissions, I was happy to have this other piece published on the cover of OPIRG - GRIPO's 2016 zine.
The Zine was displayed publically for the first time in Ottawa 2016 Zine Fair.
You can read the Zine online at: