Golbon Live from Nostalgica

In planning for OPIRG’s Alt 101, I suggested including a poetry show in the week’s program. Not only I was thrilled to have some of the best poets in town to come out and be with us that night, I also got to play some tunes between the sets. Here is a reconstruction of the first part of that set - before the first round of poets went up to perform.

My attempt was to do justice to the show and include a variety of local artists' tracks and of different genres; from Hip hop and Jazz to my fav which is Persian traditional segments texturaized in minimal beats.

In the second section my intention was to rise the beat and use some classic rebel songs to draw more attention to the stage also give away more of the social struggle messages lying underneath the program. This was where I allowed myself to get louder, and play some more distorted sounds. I took the energy lower in the end (in the last 4 songs which pretty much the last set after the last performance), and now that I re-listen to the whole thing I realize I ended the set with a sad note. Which well, resembles the type of moody and dark art I am into.

Section 1 Track List:

Music Scene - Block Head

Etymology - John Akpata (Live from Mercury Lounge)

Tanbour Solo - Khalil Aalinejad

Bike Lock - Prufrock and Plan A

The Song of Atoms - MH Project

Crack Mix - Karen Gawyer

Dedicated - Linkin Park

Ring Ring Ring - De La Soul

Unders - Syria

Identitikit - Radiohead

Paradise Circus - Massive Attack

Section 2 Track List: 

Track List:
1 - The Mountains Will Fall - DJ Shadow
1.5 - No Justice No peace - TAVO
2 - Pa Pa Power - Dead Man's Bones
3 - Man o To - NU
4 - Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyed (Eric Prydz Remix)
5- Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyed (Vintage Culture Remix)
6- Rock the Casbah - The Clash (LUXXURY LIVE EDIT)
7 - Rock the Casbah - The Clash
8 - Flying Wings - M.H. Project
9 - Azarel - HVOB
10 - Agua de La Tierra - Nicola Cruz Remix
11 - Run This Shit - THUGLI
12 - Dough Nation - Blockhead
13- Rhymes of Diaspora - Black History Month Showcase
14 - Carnivores Unite - Blockhead
14.5 - The Riff - D.J. Food