Confessions of a Modern Day Penguin - My First Ottawa Theater Experience

In an interview with John Andrew Akpata in Sep. 2015, I and Daniel Mark Patterson talked everything, dismantled the idea behind the work and headed to the "Confessions of a Modern Day Penguin" play in some spectacular spirit. 

Here is that interview: 

I am excited to inform you about an innovative play project called Confessions of a Modern Day Penguin coming to the theatre scene this fall. I and Daniel a local poet, playwright and actor have combined our talents to create a spectacle never before seen before on Ottawa stages.

Show Info Performed on the University of Ottawa's campus for 5 consecutive evenings (Room 342 Lamoureux Hall, Sep. 23rd to Sep 27th, 8pm to 9 pm) and 3 evenings at Platform Gallery (October 8th - 10th), "Confessions of a Modern Day Penguin" is a contemporary odyssey into the darkest parts of the self, an expose of innocence as both comfort and adversary. Consider this an invitation to discover what makes it so special.

Confessions of a Modern Day Penguin is a full sensory fusion of spoken word, theatre, and modern dance. Part memoir, part existential romp, it is the story of Daniel, an awkward, lonely boy and his strange journey through childhood to a man in his 30s learning how to love in all its forms.

Source: Confessions