Winter Proposal - In Defense of Studentship and Being a "Foreigner"

I would like to propose a list of questions I am going to find politically offensive from now on:

1 – What are your plans after you graduate?

I am doing what I will be doing after I graduate. In fact I am doing what I will be doing for the rest of my life. Running the rat race, creating art, writing, protesting, presenting and representing. I am in no hurries to graduate. My “Genius-Has-Always-Had-A OR above-GPA” scholarship covers my tuition plus I have a bus pass. BOOM!

2 – Do you want to stay in Canada?

LIKE literally, after 6.5 years do you think I would be here if I was sure I did not want to?!

3 – How do you like Canada?

Look, places are not transient entities. You can’t say oh I [don’t] like insert country in the same way you can say oh I [don’t] like insert cuisine. Because what the hell or do you even know about a country as big as a continent anyways!? I’m here so I’m living it.

4 – When will you become a Canadian?

If by Canadian you mean carrying a blue passport; since Harper government’s Bill c – 24 decided I was not one up until now, this question is invalid. If by Canadian you mean an individual who lives permanently in Canada, goes to school in Canada, has a Canadian graduate degree, is a member of 400 and something Canadian clubs, works in Canada, looks for work in Canada, spends Canadian currency on grocery, suffers dark cold long winters, uses English as her main language on a daily basis and promises herself to learn French with the same frequency and, can name a few Canadian icons who everyone else on the planet thinks are American, AGAIN your question is invalid. That happened within the first days I entered this country.

And last but not least: 5 - What are you plans for holidays?

I grew up in Iran which means Christmas is acknowledged and, if you are a Christian you can take the day off. I appreciate the notion of consolation; Iranians also do gather and celebrate the winter solstice! But what aggravates me about this question is that I do not find the bitter luxury of explaining that I do not have any particular memories that would make "2 weeks in winter when EVERYTHING shuts down" pleasant for me. In the past 6 years that I have had to pretend I’m enjoying “my” time off during holidays, I spent the Christmas either on my own or with local families who were kind enough to invite me for dinner. So Christmas holidays generally make feel like an orphan child. Therefore … please. Thanks!